We, the groups e*vibes, ausserkontrolle, Undogmatische Radikale Antifa and gruppe polar, have founded critique’n’act. In this federation across our groups, we aim at bringing together actors of the radical left in Dresden more liably. On top of that, we have joined the alliance „…umsGanze!“ [„…all or nothing!“] aiming at organizing on the supra-regional level. »…umsGanze!« was founded in 2006 in order to organize radical left critique of society supra-regionally and to enable it to act. We want to be part of this alliance so we can discuss our local relations in countrywide structures and draw on solidary support in the current situation.

»…umsGanze!« is a communist alliance. And even though many of us do not consider themselves as communists, we share the radical rejection of capitalist power relations with the groups of „uG“. We also have in common the involvement in the critique of the German supremacy in past and present, as well as of antisemitism. This critique includes the fact that past communist or real socialist attempts to radically transform society — if they were not defeated — resulted in authoritarian systems: 60 years of actually existing state socialism made sure that emancipatory alternatives are not exactly popular in Eastern Germany. To us, the radical left needs a deeper analysis and involvement with the idea of and the attempts to realize communism beyond the scope of „Stalin and real socialism“. We have started this engagement and are pursuing it because we should not leave the critique of communism to the anti-communists. We are aware of the cynicism and inhumanty of capitalism. And: we must discuss concrete utopias and practices to overcome capitalism. Although the idea of communism is gravely damaged, we are not ready to come to terms with the postulated end of history. The objective is a society where everyone can find their place according to their needs and potentialities.

The engagement with materialist feminism forms an important basis for our understanding of society and a starting point for emancipatory acting. It brings to mind: changing societal relations does not work without the consciousness and active critique of the still gendered separation of the spheres of production and reproduction, which form the basis of capitalist valorization. We oppose the depreciation of the imagined „femininity“ as well as the discrimination of queer identities and of alternative concepts of living together. So, feminism does not work as the afterthought of an anti-authoritarian communist critique of capitalism but it is a mainstay of this very critique. We, too, are part of this society and have to face up to structures of power and domination in our political organization. This turns practical, for example, when it comes to the questions of how many women* are part of our federation or of »…umsGanze!«, who takes over which tasks, how responsibility is shared and how we communicate with each other. It is beyond debate that we are shaped by the societal conditions. So we see self-reflection and ways to deal with power relations as the basics of equal interaction between us. By mobilizing against the corporation ball in Vienna, to the Women*’s Day demonstration on March 8th and against the Christian Fundamentalists of the March for Life, the »…umsGanze!« alliance has joined the fights against the social conservatives’ antifeminist, homophobic roll back, who bring the heterosexual white nuclear family into position against any other facts of life.

We are situated in a global crisis of capitalism. This crisis has lead to a huge delegitimization of the capitalist system — for a long time there has not been as much critique of capitalism as today. In turn, who dares to step out of the neoliberal line is punished all the more. The capitalist crisis, racist populism, the brutal roll of Germany profiteering of the crisis and constraining European politics of austerity, and the accompanying impoverishment is one of our fields of attention. In the course of the reunification and the increasing historicization of National Socialism, Germany is once more occupying a dominant position. The German politics of low wages and the directly connected export world championship have destabilized the labor markets of other EU countries. The whole EU is now implementing the German model, making the business location competitive at the wage earners’ expenses. Invigorated by the profit of the crisis, Germany enjoys itself in the role of a major power and increasingly manages military operations.

Since summer 2015 Germany has been making itself out to be the world champion of welcoming refugees; the readiness to help of antiracist welcoming initiatives is promptly used to morally legitimate the political claim to German leadership in Europe. However, antiracism is more than „refugees welcome“. Refugees rise against their discrimination in Germany, the racist EU foreign policies and the destruction of their homes. We take part in these fights. We support the struggles of refugees in Dresden as well as political Roma self-organizations.

For one year Pegida has been demonstrating through the city center in Dresden, constituting a no-go area for people, who are seen as non-German and/or as political opponents, and giving „No to Asylum Homes“ initiatives the cue. Upset neighbors come together in front of accommodations for refugees or prevent them from moving in through blockades. Arson attacks and racist assaults are the direct consequence of Pegida. There, all those assemble, who identify with the authoritarian ideas of the „collective of the German people“, not least by racist degradation of everything excluded from the collective. The confused and racist motivated individuals are merged in the unrestrained collective. They are not amenable to facts and arguments at all, but solely to the conspiracies and tirades of hate that are bellowed from the loudspeaker car each Monday. They have lost empathy of any kind. Instead they demonstrate for more and more poverty, exclusion and isolation. 25 years of Christian Democratic sole reign, 10 years of NPD in the state parliament, the Alternative for Germany opening new voting blocks, Pegida in the streets plus the rightwing terror against refugees and their supporters — these are the current conditions in Saxony. We need to organize against this! In Dresden, Saxony, but beyond as well.

Recently, the call for strong, sovereign nations gets louder and louder, not only from the rightwing. Even leftists demand the nationalist roll back. At the same time the national state as guarantor for limited wealth has long been obsolete because of the developments of global neoliberal capitalism (shown by all the attempts to go back to fordist capitalism). Furthermore, the nationalist „left“ keeps ignoring the fact that the nation is a construct of domination and exclusion, always trying to pass its cost onto others, mostly peripheral states. Because we stand against any nationalism, we need to fight transnationally. Therefore one must learn from past mistakes. Global solidarity and activism cannot be designed on the drawing table, but can only prosper in the form of continuous exchange and reflected practice. We can try and make this happen with the antiauthoritarian platform „Beyond Europe“.

We have decided to found a federation, because a simple strategy of „against Nazis“ is no sufficient answer to the conditions in Dresden: economic, political and social causes of the current regressive wave must not be factored out. We want to bring together the contentual and practical main points of our local groups; we want to level our criticism against the dominant conditions together, show solidary alternatives and get them off the ground.

Cold country must not turn eternity! critique’n’act — for a beautiful life in a solidary society!